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An undercover grandma infiltrates a drug ring to save her family

Tasers are an amazing tool.

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They prevent injuries to offenders and officers by quickly stopping violent resistance. They are not a magic tool that makes a deadly weapon in the hands of a suspect suddenly not deadly. If someone's armed with a gun, I'm pulling a gun. If someone's armed with a knife, I'm pulling a gun. The reason is that a Taser only has a 21 foot range. And at maximum range odds of hitting a moving target aren't optimum. If you miss you turn it off, remove a cartridge, load another, turn back on, aim, and fire.

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If someone's coming at you with a knife, well, you're pretty much fucked. You're most likely getting cut. How bad depends on luck at that point. Now, if there are multiple officers and one wants to go less lethal and use a Taser that's great, but I actually have a friend who thinks the legal expectation should be that I allow myself to get stabbed before using lethal force.

I have used a Taser multiple times.

It's highly effective. The great thing is, the bigger and more muscular the offender the BETTER it works because all those muscles get hit with electricity and lock up. Outside a club years ago some drunk guys were arguing and threatening each other.

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It got the point where to prevent violence we had to arrest one for intoxicated and disruptive behavior. Now, I'm average sized. I grabbed the guys wrist and it was probably the size of my forearm. He pulled away, not really aggressively but almost like a bull would turn to see what was biting him if a fly landed on him. I went with him. At that point a squad mate hit him with the Taser. However, as luck would have it the guy had one hand up. So, one probe hit his left nipple.

When will the left stop fetishising socialism in Latin America?

The other his right pinky. Down went the giant. I've never seen a grown man cry so much in my life. Not from the pain really, he was just drunk. The Taser definitely prevented injuries to officers. If we'd had to fight that guy at least one of us would have been sent to the hospital. Airman 1st Class Donald Hudson Report. It seems that the best thing is for community groups to work with the local police. No one believes the police are unnecessary, but interaction with communities can help prevent galvanized anti-community police culture And police need to police their own That can get back the respect they deserve!

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Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again. This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. My respect goes for the truly honest officers, who really care about the safety of the streets and do their job responsibly. However, please, do something about preventing the abuse of power. Cops shooting innocent people because of their skin colour, for example, might be special cases meaning, it's not as often as our scared minds might exaggeratingly believe , but it does give cops a bad image anytime it's covered in the news.

Also, the military police sent to peaceful protests. I understand their purpose is to prevent any violent riots, but one corrupted officer is all it takes to wreak havoc. Again, all my respect for the real heroes amongst police officers. Btw, this was a nice and informative article. I like reading about these unusual jobs from the perspective of insiders.

Abuse of power is far more rare than what you see on TV. The problem is that TV shows people what they want to believe regardless of facts. Yeah, you're right about the TV. But there's an overall attitude I experienced too. Police officers in Croatia were mostly opting for an arrogant approach, or they'd be cool with you, but next thing you know, they reported you for literally nothing.

Sure, not all of them were like that, there's the good officers too. But overall, people are not that satisfied with their services.

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In Korea, I noticed they appear to be nicer by attitude, but when it comes to protests, things get violent. This comment is hidden.

After the Last Cop Killed Himself, All the Criminals Have to Do Is Hide — ProPublica

Click here to view. I live in a city that is noted for the police using excessive force. I wonder if the use of police force would go down if we respected the fact that our officers are traumatized as a part of their job and offered comprehensive mental health support. Overall tho, I have mad respect for cops. So this may explain why they get lost on their way home and invade people's home and shoot them.

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Cop Stories Cop Stories
Cop Stories Cop Stories
Cop Stories Cop Stories
Cop Stories Cop Stories
Cop Stories Cop Stories
Cop Stories Cop Stories
Cop Stories Cop Stories

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