Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)

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“I had no choice but to turn to the most dangerous man I knew…”

His focus is o This Greek romance box set makes for perfect reading on the beach. The story oozes with tantalizing suspense, and the final twist will blow your mind! Lizzie is not your average tourist. She may have just arrived on the idyllic Greek island of Corfu, but her mind is not on having a good time. Far fr The Justice Brothers are dedicated to stamping out injustice in whatever form Risk examines the complex and decei How well do you know those closest to you?

Jessica McDonald appears to have it all: a successful London banking career, a happy marriage, and good friends. Then a terrorist bombing rocks London in the wake of the Brexit referendum. She narrowly escapes injury and tends to others wounded at the scene He was supposed to kill me. I had done the unthinkable. I called the cops on him, on his family, but he let me live.

We became friends, and then Lucy Ives is a foster kid, running from her turbulent past. On her first night in New York City, she accidentally calls the cops on the Three years ago she followed her companions to Earth in an effort to live human lives. Lonely and longing for her husband, Scarlet i Everyone in the city knows who I am: Vincent Citrione, top capo of the most powerful crime family in the city.

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New York State Trooper Jake Prichard turned his back on the family farm, the family fortune, and his lying, manipulative father. But when someone tries to kill his dad, Jake reluctantly returns home to investigate. I moved to the mountains to get away. Just a small cabin tucked into the hills, it was perfect.

Everly Brothers' mother, 99, recalls Bearden, Cas Walker and the ducktails

I needed some solitude after a rough stint in the military. It changed me, and I needed some time to reflect. Now my demons and the big city are just tiny dots in the rearview mirror. Small town life was Thrillers center on the characters as they enc Can two lost souls stop a madman with the help of a sarcastic angel? Lucas Carmichael and Scott Anderson had it all, money, fame, and fortune. But one night's stupid mistake takes everything they thought they cherished and dumps it upside down.

A car accident ends Lucas' life and leaves Scott injure As the When a teenager mysteriously disappears in Hawick Falls, New Hampshire, Lisa Raynes fears her kidnapper, who recently escaped from prison, is hunting girls again. To add to her problems, her ex-boyfriend He should walk away. He has a past full of secrets and a skill set that makes him very dangerous.

Mak Ashwood is a criminal prosecutor taking on the Mob in a Angel or Devil in Disguise? Sometimes it's better to stay with the devil you know. When the troubles of home become too much for year-old Isabel Reyes, she takes comfort in the arms of a presumably, gentle man—her Knight in Shining Armor.

Now the Mafia is looking for her f A youthful mistake. A prison sentence served. The one who got her put in jail in the first place. Love and Suspense, Heart-pounding romance and thrills! Danger and excitement, secret agents, sexy SEALs, hot police detectives, undercover female operatives, and heat!

Plus a F Amelia Rimgold is about to testify in a generic drug fraud. Two days before she's scheduled to go before the House Committee, she's shot during an intermission at the New York Fowler's Opera.

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The hit man takes the victim's antique gold locket. And then the spell on the locket, cast by an innocen In the twisted mind of a clever killer, her intelligence makes her a prize worth taking. By whatever means. Matthew Smart has lost his Assistant, Cameron, in a brutal killing.

Devastated, Matthew has to find out who murdered his employee while interviewing potential replacements. Strangely, th Emilia Draper commits to saving a dying girl, but an enemy vows to stop her. Therapist Cate Duncan has just accepted a job with the MacGregor Group, a unique collective of alternative healers. With the aid of an inexplicable super-power, he's determined to conquer any hurdles to gain back his freedom.

Except one hot mess of an obstacle he can't get around. An attack leaves thousands of Americans dead or with diminished brain function. As the government seizes control, order is restored bu Sexy Romance. This series has it all. Talented narrator Matt Haynes embodies the tortured soul of Levi Wolfe and the kindred spirit of Trudy Tucker perfectly in this quick-moving, exciting, and steamy first novel in the Mind's Eye series. Psychics Levi Wolfe and Trudy T Along with her newly acquired skills of spider-climbing agility, self-healing powers, and the ability to eject poisonous needles came the haunting need to con You don't want to mess with these gals!

Sean Collins wants to tame her! Only one th A rash of jewel thefts creates a demand for more security than the police can handle.

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Shana insists that Be Who will knuckle under first—the war hero? The spirited single mom?

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  5. Or the former high school bully who still hates them both? Eight years after she left, the holidays have brought Hailey Lambert back to--Caseville Michigan--the small town she couldn't wait to flee. Just months after her mother's death, her siblings want to put their father in a nursing home and rent out the family farm. Nate Jenkins--the high school crush Who did this to us? Please trust me. If you have come across this diary, this transcript of truth, close it now—burn it—or risk a tear in When her husband, Dell, was seriously injured in an accident meant to free her from her past, Emily is left to await his recovery alone.

    Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise is staking his life on passing every one of Shana's tests for him. Desperation to keep her with him must be making him crazy or he would never have agreed to take the divorce case. Tough and gorgeous ex-Scotland Yard detective Shana George never expected much from m He likes control and order. She refuses to be controlled.

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    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)
    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)
    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)
    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)
    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)
    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)
    Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3) Embracing Elise (The Cantrelle Family Trilogy Book 3)

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