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# 3 Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

And based on the law of vibration, that energy is in a constant state of vibration. So, raising your vibration, simply put, means that you are changing the rate at which your energy vibrates. And this is dependent on your emotional, mental, and physical states. There are many ways to raise your vibration.

Though many Eastern religions have known this for thousands of years, scientists have only recently begun to prove that our thoughts can actually alter the physical properties of objects around us. Having knowledge that they were drinking the tea or not made no real difference in the effect. There have been countless other studies that demonstrate the same thing — our intentions, thoughts and words can physically alter the world around us.

The higher the vibration is, the higher its frequency and the more ethereal it becomes. Higher vibrational frequencies actually create waves of light and transcend physical matter. Lower vibrations, on the other hand, are heavy and related to dense matter.

Just as high vibrational intentions like love, compassion and hope can manipulate physical matter, low vibrational intentions like fear, hate and anger can do the same. One of the best demonstrations of this phenomena is the Backster Effect. While in his laboratory one evening, he experimented hooking up a plant to the polygraph machine, curious to see if there was any solid connection between the polygraph machine and a living plant, but to no avail.

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Nothing happened. Instead, Backster burned one of the leaves of the plant to see if there was any effect. As he stood to fetch his matches, the polygraph machine began frantically reacting. The polygraphs readouts matched those of a human screaming in fear. Backster was able to reproduce the results of his experiment time and time again with different plants and even bacteria. Sending love and energy to a warm cup of tea can actually improve the mood of someone who drinks it.

So, raising your vibration is as simple as becoming mindful of your intentions and choosing to live through compassion and love. The more you intend to live a life of kindness and compassion , the more harmonious life will become. You have incredible power to shift your world and the world that others live in. One of the most profound experiments on the power of positive intentions was conducted between and Large groups of meditators got together and meditated on love and peace for the world.

These experiments since then have been verified and published in a scientific journal. Similar studies have been conducted around the world. These studies continuously prove that meditations based on love and kindness reduce crime and violence. The larger the group and the more experienced the meditators, the greater the effects.

Some foods vibrate low and some vibrate high. If the food you consume is covered in pesticides, it will leave you feeling weaker. So will artificial, chemicalized processed foods.

The good, high-vibrational foods are organic fruits, veggies, nuts, soy, and virgin olive oil. On the low vibrational list are flour-based cereals, dairy, and sugars. This is not always true for everyone. Really paying attention to how you feel immediately after eating something and how you feel two ours after eating something is the true test.

Start paying attention. Reduce your drug and alcohol use or cut it out of your life completely. Alcohol and almost all artificial drugs vibrate low. Besides the actual substances vibrating low, you may find yourself hanging out with people who vibrate low too. They also do drugs, are looking for drugs, hang out with people who sell drugs, or are pressuring you into doing more drugs. In my past I ran with a crew that drank and did drugs a lot.

Become conscious of what your music is telling you.

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Lyrics of hate, pain, violence, drama and fear send messages to your subconscious. If you want to attract love, listen to songs about real, passionate, long-lasting love. If you want peace, listen to music about peace and relaxation. If you want to drink too much, crash your car, get cheated on by your boyfriend, and get in a fight, listen to country music. You're in your home a lot, which will affect your vibration. Prayers, paintings, photographs, crystals, statues, rocks, mantras, books, magazine, flowers, plants, the colors on the wall, and even the way your furniture is arranged all create energy.

Get your home high by getting your feng shui on!

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Many shows on TV are violent dramas that focus on the real world. On top of that, there are commercials that have you thinking you need pills to fix your problems and that you have to buy expensive jewelry to show someone you love them. Become aware of the vibrational levels of your acquaintances, friends, and extended family.

You can raise your own energy levels by hanging out with people who vibrate highly. Choose to surround yourself with people who are empowering, have the same morals as you, and see how much you rock. Your friends are a reflection of you, and since you are obviously awesome, your friends must be just as awesome. Give some money to someone less fortunate than you.

Donate to a cause you believe in.

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Pay for the toll of the person behind you on the parkway. Donate clothing to a shelter. Pick up a piece of garbage and throw it away.

Do it out of the kindness of your heart. Practice compassion and forgiveness. You are no longer the victim and your abuser holds none of your power. Thoughts of revenge are low vibrational while thoughts of forgiveness are high.

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  • Just by thinking thoughts of forgiveness about someone in your past without taking any action will raise your vibration. Want to know if you should you go Keto? Whole 30?

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    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration
    Increase your vibration Increase your vibration

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