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And seriously, where would we be without a lorem ipsum tribute to the internet's favorite animal. If you like your filler text creamy, melty or aged, than Cheese Ipsum is the site for you. Hit generate to get a taste of lorem ipsum at its cheesiest. If you're an Arrested Development fan than this lorem ipsum generator is for you.

Make your project stand out with ramblings big and small from Michael Bluth. Shred your next project's filler text by dropping in some skater lorem ipsum, letting it read like a scene straight out of the old Tony Hawk video games. Pop culturize your filler text with a lorem ipsum generator based on TV theme lyrics, featuring shows like Speed Racer, Gilligan's Island and the Muppet Show.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Everyone loves some esoteric TV based placeholder text. A text generator straight out of left field, step up to bat on your next project with this baseball themed lorem ipsum text, which even includes a REST API. The gospel according to Charlie Sheen, the oft vulgar star of Two and a Half Men, Vatican Assassin is a lorem ipsum parody of his cosmic meltdown in Sound overtly academic with the Postmodernist Generator, which uses a grammar based random text generator to create artificial but believable lorem ipsum essays.

Favor the more eloquent presidential days of yesteryear? Give Obama Ipsum a whirl and get some engaging lorem ipsum text that wasn't first seen on Twitter. Choose from meeting speak, client feedback or just the classic with Office Ipsum, a filler text generator for those really dull projects you just can't stand. Want to see if anyone is actually looking at your mockups?

Lorem ipsum

Add a sprinkling of expletives to your filler text with this swearing lorem ipsum generator. Want to generate lorem ipsum from nonsensical Web 2. Relive the glory days where everything was rounded and covered in a bright, gradated sheen.

Ahoy matey, yar lorem ipsum text is awash with brigands, bilge and more. Get swashbuckling with this trendy looking pirate placeholder text generator. Channel your inner astronomer with this Carl Sagan inspired lorem ipsum text generator. Optionally, click the More button to select the kinds of changes you want to see. Review the changes to the documents.

Click on any highlighted revisions and use the Accept button in the Ribbon to accept changes. Alternatively, you could use the Combine menu option to merge all the changes into one doc at once. But what about your daily bread? Design comps, layouts, wireframes—will your clients accept that you go about things the facile way?

Authorities in our business will tell in no uncertain terms that Lorem Ipsum is that huge, huge no no to forswear forever. Not so fast, I'd say, there are some redeeming factors in favor of greeking text, as its use is merely the symptom of a worse problem to take into consideration. You begin with a text, you sculpt information, you chisel away what's not needed, you come to the point, make things clear, add value, you're a content person, you like words. Design is no afterthought, far from it, but it comes in a deserved second.

Anyway, you still use Lorem Ipsum and rightly so, as it will always have a place in the web workers toolbox, as things happen, not always the way you like it, not always in the preferred order. Even if your less into design and more into content strategy you may find some redeeming value with, wait for it, dummy copy, no less.

Consider this: You made all the required mock ups for commissioned layout, got all the approvals, built a tested code base or had them built, you decided on a content management system, got a license for it or adapted open source software for your client's needs. Then the question arises: where's the content? Not there yet? That's not so bad, there's dummy copy to the rescue. But worse, what if the fish doesn't fit in the can, the foot's to big for the boot? Or to small? To short sentences, to many headings, images too large for the proposed design, or too small, or they fit in but it looks iffy for reasons the folks in the meeting can't quite tell right now, but they're unhappy, somehow.

A client that's unhappy for a reason is a problem, a client that's unhappy though he or her can't quite put a finger on it is worse.

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A big but: Lorem Ipsum is not t the root of the problem, it just shows what's going wrong. Chances are there wasn't collaboration, communication, and checkpoints, there wasn't a process agreed upon or specified with the granularity required. It's content strategy gone awry right from the start.

Forswearing the use of Lorem Ipsum wouldn't have helped, won't help now. It's like saying you're a bad designer, use less bold text, don't use italics in every other paragraph. True enough, but that's not all that it takes to get things back on track.

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There's lot of hate out there for a text that amounts to little more than garbled words in an old language. The villagers are out there with a vengeance to get that Frankenstein, wielding torches and pitchforks, wanting to tar and feather it at the least, running it out of town in shame. If that's what you think how bout the other way around? How can you evaluate content without design? No typography, no colors, no layout, no styles, all those things that convey the important signals that go beyond the mere textual, hierarchies of information, weight, emphasis, oblique stresses, priorities, all those subtle cues that also have visual and emotional appeal to the reader.

Rigid proponents of content strategy may shun the use of dummy copy but then designers might want to ask them to provide style sheets with the copy decks they supply that are in tune with the design direction they require. Or else, an alternative route: set checkpoints, networks, processes, junctions between content and layout. Depending on the state of affairs it may be fine to concentrate either on design or content, reversing gears when needed.

Or maybe not. How about this: build in appropriate intersections and checkpoints between design and content. Luke Wroblewski, currently a Product Director at Google, holds that fake data can break down in real life:. Websites in professional use templating systems. Commercial publishing platforms and content management systems ensure that you can show different text, different data using the same template.

When it's about controlling hundreds of articles, product pages for web shops, or user profiles in social networks, all of them potentially with different sizes, formats, rules for differing elements things can break, designs agreed upon can have unintended consequences and look much different than expected. This is quite a problem to solve, but just doing without greeking text won't fix it.

Five Points, Vol. 13 No. 3

Using test items of real content and data in designs will help, but there's no guarantee that every oddity will be found and corrected. Do you want to be sure? Lorem Ipsum actually is usefull in the design stage as it focuses our attention on places where the content is a dynamic block coming from the CMS unlike static content elements that will always stay the same. Blocks of Lorem Ipsum with a character count range provide a obvious reminder to check and re-check that the design and the content model match up.

Lorem Ipsum is needed because words matter, a lot. They will be drawn to it, fiercely. Do it the wrong way and draft copy can derail your design review. Try telling a client to ignore draft copy however, and you're up to something you can't win. Whenever draft copy comes up in a meeting confused questions about it ensue.

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Lorem Ipsum is a tool that can be useful, used intentionally it may help solve some problems. If you go about content strategy the wrong way, fix that problem. Dummy Content : an editor button and system plugin Joomla extension that sets random dummy copy in articles or in other content item that have editors like custom HTML modules, category descriptions, or third party content. Folcomedia - Button Lorem Ipsum : creates a button in the editor to insert a paragraph of "Lorem Ipsum" greeking text.

Content Fake : a component that allows for easy creation of menu items, quickly creating paragraphs of "Lorem Ipsum" and pictures with custom sizes. Overview of all Joomla plugins for Lorem Ipsum generation. Lorem Ipsum Generator : Creates a button on wysiwyg toolbars to add a configurable amount of Lorem Ipsum text to a post, page or any other custom post type.

WP Dummy Content : Easy generation and deletion of blog posts, pages, and sub pages for developers. Full site structure in one click. It also allows to set names for blogs or taglines. Bulk Page Maker : Creates up to 20 pages or posts at a time. You can choose title, slug, parent, template, status, format, and content via the default WordPress Editor.

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  • Lorem ipsum dummy article shortcode : A seeded dummy article generator. Data Generator : Makes example posts, pages, custom terms, helps to style and develop new and current themes. It's based on the Lolita framework. Overview of all Wordpress plugins for Lorem Ipsum generation. Hatimeria Landing Pages : Creates landing pages with products using all combinations based on categories, attributes and their values.

    Description is supplied in the ackend "lorem ipsum Supports all features like CMS-Block, injecting widgets, blocks, or variables.

    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition
    Lorem Ipsum - Definitive Edition

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