Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)

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So many WTF moments while in this camp wondering how people could ever do something so vile. And the cruelty at this camp represents less than one percent of the total number of victims of the Nazi regime. Finding nice but reasonably priced housing in Munich was a little challenging. Our compromise was choosing an apartment a few miles outside of the Munich city center in the adjacent suburb of Neubiberg.

German fast food is Turkish food. Fortunately we were staying three minutes from a good doner kebab restaurant. So much meaty deliciousness in there! I think we had just finished a picnic lunch when we stumbled on this biergarten surrounded by food vendors. Otherwise we would have stopped for a bite! Since we had a car at the beginning of our stay, I made a big grocery run to Aldi to stock up on good eats to cook during the week. Later during our stay I visited the small grocery store around the corner from us on a daily basis to replenish our supplies of beer and fresh baked goods.

We drove our rental car from Salzburg, Austria to Munich, Germany. I returned the rental car the end of our second full day in Munich. We drove the car on day trips to Neuschwanstein Castle and Dachau concentration camp. The two hour trip to Neuschwanstein would have been The 40 minute drive to Dachau would have been closer to 2 hours with a combo of bus and S-bahn trains.

Driving was much faster and easier, especially with the kids. After ditching the car, we used transit for the rest of the week and it proved convenient for touring the central city historic section of Munich where driving and parking is more challenging and expensive!

Maresa's Castle

Germans do transportation the right way. We enjoyed the week we spent in Munich. The downtown area is perfectly suited to tourists given the ease of walking and taking the transit above ground or below. It has castles, palaces, churches, theaters, beer gardens, parks, and rivers.

Something for everyone. Just a few hours south of Munich are world class mountains in the Alps.

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Dotting the countryside are beautiful lakes and villages. We considered spending a couple of nights in the village near Neuschwanstein Castle but opted to set up camp in Munich instead and drive the two hours down. The longer stay in Munich meant we had a couple of days in the schedule to relax and enjoy some downtime after five weeks of life on the road. Our visit to Dachau was certainly a worthwhile use of a day.

Have you ever been to Germany? Check out the fourteen part summary of our nine week European family vacation:. Like free money? Do you ever stare at buildings of opulence and realize that art with that kind of intricacy and gilding will probably never happen again? We went to a camp outside of Berlin when we visited Germany.

It was disturbing. Edmund Burke predicted it centuries ago and we still did it. To build those intricate buildings, you just need huge amounts of dynastic wealth.

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Or hedge fund wealth. It must have been many thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands of dollars to rent this huge palace. Just crazy! That surfing looks amazing, dangerous and an immense amount of fun.

I would sit there and watch them all day and wish to be young again. Apparently people drown pretty often in the river near there while swimming. Guy is still paralyzed! They do sometimes. I would have loved to run into you and your family. My husband tried to surprise me with a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle for our anniversary last year. When we arrived they were sold out of tickets as well.

He and our daughter were quite disappointed. I guess third time is the charm for it as we have already visited in but opted out. We have never even considered that the castle would sell out, as we have never encountered that at any other museum or point of interest. I have been there as a teenager, but somehow my husband thinks we would get mugged and does not wanna go there with us.

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I hope your next post can will make him reconsider. We looked for Neuschwanstein tickets a week ahead of time but there was nothing available for almost 2 weeks. This was peak season in summer so I guess it was really busy.

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Oh well! It seems like a really nice city overall, just very busy in the middle of the tourist center of town. Dachau was so powerful for me, especially walking through the gas chambers and watching the documentary movies in the museum. The real estate was definitely more expensive at least Airbnb rentals.

Maresa's Castle by Minister Mary J Rincon, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Other stuff seemed about the same like transit, restaurants, and groceries. Munich was definitely pricey for us too, but worth it. Glad you go to visit so many amazing places in Germany! English Garden is so beautiful — even in winter. The Eisbach surfing is very famous — they do this sport even during winter; and kids are sledging from Monopteros hill few steps away.

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During summer few decades ago, naked people were going by tram, jumped into Eisbach river and swam back to the English garden. Bavaria offers a lot of different places … as locals we are visiting as often as possible touristic places and the beautiful nature; but actually it is impossible to see everything in a lifetime. And there are also a lot of different opportunities to do sport.

Castle Neuschwanstein is very very famous, especially for Asian visitors. It is nice to see for free, also the surrounding landscape. But you really missed nothing inside; Neuschwanstein was never finished — and King Ludwig never lived there … in Bavaria and Germany are hundreds of other castles with much more history.

For history of Dachau they provide a good exhibition. It is a depressing place … and everybody should visit — to remember and never forget. Was it difficult for your kids?

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It was very cold when we were there in middle of July! About Dachau — I heard that all German schoolchildren must visit a concentration camp at least once. Is that true? The wave exists the whole year, day and night … only closed for 1 day p. Originally water flows from Isar river to the Eisbach, it is taken from the river and goes back to the Isar behind Munich.

About Dachau — it was a political camp — it was built for terror and scaring off generally all people. Nobody should be safe — if one said something against the Regime, he was brought to Dachau. They also let go prisoners back at home at the beginning half of them — to tell about the terror. Grandfather was also prisoner in Dachau … a lot of the prisoners were murdered. There were also Jewish, Sinti and Roma gypsies in Dachau, but mostly they were brought to death camps like Auschwitz.

In school pupils learn about WWII, Naziregime and concentration camps; they grow up to know about our history — they see pictures, watch films and visit exhibitions. Also old Jewish who survived death camps are coming to schools to discuss with childrens.

Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)
Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)
Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)
Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)
Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)
Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)
Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3) Maresas Castle (Maresas Day Book 3)

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