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In this same era, women put on jeans to play with the gender expectations men hoped to shore up. A woman in denim seemed slightly cross-dressed; jeans looked like a kind of jaunty drag.

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But the ideal female body changes as the needs of capitalism change. The shrinking bodies of the s and s suggested a different aspiration: to combine the fragility associated with being female with the drive and self-control required to build a career. Historically, in western culture, women have been seen as playing the body to the male mind. But the first generation of calorie-counting career girls hoped that they could overcome this history.

Get you a body that can do both. The new physique expressed the contradictory values of female passivity and masculine ambition. Jeans were ostensibly androgynous garments. This made them particularly well suited for articulating actual gender difference. The Calvin Klein spreads featuring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss highlighted how the ideals of male strength and female fragility could persist even in a presumably equal-opportunity world. The look synthesized them.

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Because for the vast majority of women, it would take superhero willpower to stay that thin, especially if you were also busy climbing a corporate ladder. The jeans never fit. Over the past decade, we may have finally left them behind. In form and in function, athleisure celebrates strong women. It was as if clothes that could stretch to fit a female figure could also make the boundaries between public and private space — between the spheres traditionally understood as male and female, as for work and for sex — more elastic.

American Apparel was the transitional brand.

The porny tableaux of lithe young women in monochrome basics that started to crop up on billboards and buses from Brooklyn to Berlin were like Calvin Klein campaigns reshot as sexts. The fact that the models looked like amateurs was precisely what made them titillating. You could get fucked in your youth hostel. You could get fucked at the laundromat. But this liberation is conditional.

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It retains the superwoman work ethic. A woman dressed in Lululemons looks like she is ready to scream with enthusiasm through a punishing exercise class and then hurry back to the office. Even as athleisure liberates us from earlier, gender-bound modes of dress they enforce a new code of the body as a constant work in progress. The ideal contemporary subject is a person who is willing to spend all her time being productive. You have to work hard to afford Barre or spin or yoga; at the same time, these efforts energize you to return to work.

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  • In the heyday of John Wayne jeans, the break between work and not-work was clear. Men who worked from 9 to 5 could put on jeans afterward to symbolize rebellion or, at least, their need for respite. It recharged them to return to the office the next day. In the era of athleisure, time is more ambiguous. When the workday starts or ends, and where work happens, have become less clear.

    At the same time, selfhood has become an entrepreneurial project, a question of optimizing different activities. The ideal worker in this new regime is female. It is not just that women are more experienced with the kinds of service work and image and emotional work that have largely replaced manual and factory labor in the developed world.

    It is that women are more accustomed to balancing multiple kinds of demands. The ideal worker in this new regime — in the era of athleisure — is female. Women are more accustomed to balancing multiple kinds of demands. In it, she delivers a monologue over a montage of her exercise routine,explaining that the brand name comes from the park where her father used to make her exercise every morning as a child. When I have to conquer those things, I go back to that park. Before I hit the stage, I went back to that park. When it was time for me to give birth, I went back to that park.

    But it also suggests that the drive her father instilled in her applies equally to her work as a pop star and to the private tasks of being a mother. To compete at the top, the empowered woman must be willing to work anytime and anywhere. If the default gender of athleisure is female, men seem to know what is up. The past 10 years have seen a resurgence of the ass as the key femme trait. Sir Mix-A-Lot defended her against those who criticized the post for being racially insensitive.

    Lowry goes on to connect what he characterizes as an immature version of masculinity with a liberal's overreliance on a paternalistic government.

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    Millennials and Democrats just love their mommies too much! But while this is a ritual mockery that's ostensibly about Obamacare, what it really reveals is a long-boiling, deep-seated fear on the right of the moment when a more beta-appearing man becomes the mainstream notion of masculinity. There's plenty of evidence that moment is upon us. The chest-thumping alpha males of yore now take their social cues from men who have worked out a more subtle way to assert themselves in the world.

    Metrosexuals aren't a new, urban category any more; people who might have been referred to that way ten years ago are now just called dudes. Of course, even men who work at liberal magazines and live in Brooklyn find this transition complicated. You can see this newly dominant, subtler definition of masculinity in pop culture's heroes, the men Americans look up to and imitate.

    Recently on her blog, The Luxe Strategist shared advice on how to find quality clothes at thrift stores. Next, I checked the online clearance sections of some of my favorite retailers.

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    Many places offer great deals on older models and discontinued items. I love the REI Outlet online! In this case, though, I struck out. She'd been listening to me grouse about how much I hate my sleepwear for several weeks. I think you should shop for pajamas in person. Yesterday, we drove into downtown Portland to watch the Portland Timbers play their final home match of the season. After the game, we went clothes shopping at a couple of discount stores Nordstrom Rack, Ross Dress for Less. Kim found some things she wanted, but I came away empty-handed.

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    • Calvin Klein! Lucky Brand! I don't need to provide free advertising for clothing companies. As we were walking to dinner, we passed one of my favorite stores. I'm a fan of the Seattle-based Filson company, which is a long-time producer of outdoor gear for folks who hunt and fish and work in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. I have an unhealthy obsession with Filson luggage and bags no, really, it's true but don't own a lot of their clothing. And there I found the perfect sleepwear! They're made from heavy cotton. The stitching is strong and solid. They have ample pockets. Best of all, Kim likes the way they look on me.

      But I did it. My first night in them was awesome!

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      I hope that they'll continue to be awesome for many years to come. There's no way to be sure, of course, but if past experience is any indication, this will be another instance where paying extra for quality makes sense in the long run. In , J. Over time, he learned how to save and how to invest. Today, he's managed to reach early retirement!

      Pajama Rich Pajama Rich
      Pajama Rich Pajama Rich
      Pajama Rich Pajama Rich
      Pajama Rich Pajama Rich
      Pajama Rich Pajama Rich

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