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Classic Theme Thottbot Theme. Comments Comment by Lysistrata Sure, it doesn't have much in the way of stats and 12 spirit is This thing has become my general-use staff. As a resto druid, that is. Mainly because my luck with drops is the suck, but that's not the point. Great staff for any healing class, especially priests and druids who take the mana-regen-while-casting talents and like the boost to their heals.

Edit: Didn't see the screenshot link up top, moved from body of post to proper section. Comment by Thottbot Indeed. But where do I find it?

Giev plxxx. Comment by Thottbot It's good for priests and druids, but I guess that's a fairly obvious statement. I'd pick it up if you dont have acess to Benediction. Ofcourse people like you would't understand the logic in this so go on with your 10k mana. Comment by Thottbot I was about to say the same thing. Comment by Thottbot Where does this staff come from? I'm a restoration druid, and would be interested in it. Was a 60 priest with two 60 warriors and a 57 mage. Very good deal. Comment by Thottbot Yep, the cannon guy drops it. We fought him, I died when he was close to death.

He drops it and we all pass ready to do rolls for it. But then out of nowhere comes about 15 or 20 guys and we wipe. No chance to get back to the body to loot it before it despawns. I should have just picked it up! Comment by Thottbot This is Benediction for casual players. See the similarity in names? Redemption - Benediction. Comment by Thottbot I'm a lvl 60 priest on Windrunner.

Redemption (theology)

Amazing staff. Comment by Thottbot a huge mana pool isnt the most important thing, but not having a mana pool at all isnt any better, if you would have looked closer u might have realized that theres no intellect at all on this staff, so a decent 60priest with blue gear would lose about 20 int which is quite a bit. Comment by Thottbot Yup, this drops from the cannonmaster in stratholme scarlet side we got it yesterday and it was quite a suprise. Comment by Thottbot Yup, must be new to 1. Was happy when it dropped aswell as devout gloves and a orb in one run last night So which one? Comment by Thottbot Awesome pre-benediction staff.

I've done Cannonmaster prolly 5 times now and doesn't drop. Is the drop rate really as low as 0. In that case i cant be bothered. Comment by Thottbot This item was implemented in a recent patch, long after players started dropping Willey, thus the apparently painfully low drop rate. I would not expect the rate to be high per se, but certainly better than it appears on Thott. My personal choice would be spirit but I'm a regen ho Comment by Thottbot Yes I dropped the staff on the 5th attempt.

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Obviously the drop rate is much higher than listed. Probably as you say, due to the fact that its a recent addition. Looked it up on Allakhazam. Nglish: Translation of redemption for Spanish Speakers.

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Britannica English: Translation of redemption for Arabic Speakers. What made you want to look up redemption?

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  • It's a bird? It's a plane? No, I'm really asking. What is it? Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Definition of redemption. Examples of redemption in a Sentence the redemption of his reputation a sinner's search for redemption. Recent Examples on the Web There are themes of loss, redemption and friendship and some woofy whimpering.

    First Known Use of redemption 14th century, in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for redemption Middle English redempcioun , from Anglo-French redempcion , from Latin redemption-, redemptio , from redimere to redeem.

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