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  • Tropical birds benefit from more forest by rivers in oil palm areas -- ScienceDaily.

But so far there has been little research on the value natural vegetation in river areas in plantations has for nature, although these are often preserved for water management as 'riparian reserves'. However, a new study, led by the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology in the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent, in partnership with Universiti Malaysia Sabah, demonstrates that riparian areas can help to lessen the negative impacts of oil palm cultivation on bird communities.

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The team counted birds across 28 rivers at a site in Malaysia and were able to examine their findings in relation to the width of the protected forest alongside the rivers. The study showed that large riparian reserves tend to support more bird species, with the largest ones hosting similar number as nearby forests. Overall, the researchers found that a single river site might support around a third of all the bird species found in adjacent forests.

Furthermore, the authors were able to show that the best rivers for protecting bird populations in oil palm areas had more than 40m of forest vegetation protected on each bank, which helped provide shelter and resources for the birds.

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However, to ensure all the forest-dependent bird species were represented, the width of this protected riparian area would need to be at least m on each bank. Lead author Simon Mitchell said the findings underlined the potential to protect some bird species within landscapes affected by palm oil cultivation. This could be really important if we are to find better ways of maintaining biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.

Morning Birds and Gentle Stream in Forest ☆ Relaxation and Sleep with Nature Sounds - 3 Hours

The researchers hope their findings will lead to oil palm companies increasing the width of riparian reserves protected in new plantations, or restoring more vegetation in old ones. Stricter environmental policies in tropical producer countries could also help improve the protection of riparian reserves.

Materials provided by University of Kent. Original written by Dan Worth. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News.

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Lead author Simon Mitchell said the findings underlined the potential to protect some bird species within landscapes affected by palm oil cultivation 'We show that even small increases to the width could lead to big improvements for birds. Story Source: Materials provided by University of Kent.

Journal Reference : Simon L. Most terns are seabirds but the black-fronted tern lives and breeds inland, only visiting the coast to feed in autumn and winter. It is a nationally vulnerable species and faces a risk of becoming extinct.

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They are the rarest waterfowl on the mainland. Subantarctic teal include the Auckland Island teal and the distinctly different Campbell Island teal. The Campbell Island teal is one of the world's rarest ducks. The white heron has always been rare in New Zealand and it has gained almost mythical status.

New Zealand wetland and river birds: Birds

Its bill curves to the right, allowing it to probe for insects under river stones. Our freshwater habitats range from glaciers in the mountains, to lowland rivers and streams that flow into estuaries. Wetlands are areas where water is the primary factor controlling the environment and associated plant and animal life.

Rivers and Birds Rivers and Birds
Rivers and Birds Rivers and Birds
Rivers and Birds Rivers and Birds
Rivers and Birds Rivers and Birds
Rivers and Birds Rivers and Birds
Rivers and Birds Rivers and Birds

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