The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women

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Wikimedia list article. Karen Aabye — , Danish journalist, novelist, travel writer, and essayist Jane Aamund — , Danish journalist and novelist Eleanor Hallowell Abbott — , American poet, novelist and short story writer Rachel Abbott , pen name of Sheila Rodgers born c. Batey born , American writer Janet Bathgate c. Battle c.

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Bender living , American novelist Victoria Benedictsson — , Swedish author Elizabeth Benger — , English novelist and biographer Veronica Bennett born , children's novelist Gwendolyn B. Bond born , American author, editor Chrystelle Trump Bond living , American dancer, choreographer, and dance historian Cynthia Bond born , American novelist Mildred Amanda Baker Bonham — , American traveler, journalist Tanella Boni born , Ivorian poet and novelist Elizabeth Anne Bonner born , American writer of Western fiction and poetry Geraldine Bonner — , American author Marita Bonner — , American writer, essayist and playwright , commonly associated with the Harlem Renaissance Malika Booker born , British poet, writer and artist Mary Everest Boole — , English writer Frances Boothby fl.

Henry Clarke — , English historical novelist and children's writer Mary H. Czerneda born , Canadian sci-fi and fantasy author. Delafield — , English novelist and memoirist Lucy Delaney c. Hilda Doolittle — , American poet, novelist and memoirist Meredith Haaf born , writer Maria Hack — , English children's writer Marilyn Hacker born , American poet, translator and critic Jessica Hagedorn born , Filipino American poet, playwright and novelist Michitsuna no Haha c.

Miriam Herrera living , American author and poet Stella K. Children's Fiction. Christian Fiction. Contemporary Fiction. Contemporary Romance. Fantasy everything else.

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Historical Fiction. Historical Romance. Literary Fiction. Paranormal Romance. Romantic Comedy. Romantic Suspense. Science Fiction. Science Fiction Romance. Speculative Fiction. Supernatural Suspense. Women's Fiction.

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Brothers Manuel and Antonio Machado collaborated on several lyric plays during the s and early s. The term novecentistas applies to a generation of writers that fall between the Generation of and the vanguardist Generation of The novecentistas —sometimes also called the Generation of —were more classical and less revolutionary than their predecessors. They sought to renew intellectual and aesthetic standards while reaffirming Classical values. Belarmino y Apolonio ; Belarmino and Apolonio examines the age-old debate between faith and reason, utilizing symbolic characters and multiple narrative viewpoints, while Tigre Juan ; Tiger Juan dissects traditional Spanish concepts of honour and matrimony.

Images and metaphors—frequently illogical, hermetic, or irrational—became central to poetic creation. Most of these poets experimented with free verse or exotic forms drawn from the Japanese, Arabic, and Afro-Caribbean literary traditions. By the end of the Spanish Civil War, in , many writers of the Generation of were dead or in exile. Lorca , a consummate artist, musician, dramatist, and poet, captured the stark emotions and powerful effects that characterize traditional song and ballad forms. In Romancero gitano ; The Gypsy Ballads , he blended popular styles with sophisticated mythic and symbolic elements evoking mysterious, ambivalent visions of nature.

Symbols and metaphors turn hermetic in Poeta en Nueva York ; Poet in New York , a Surrealist reflection of urban inhumanity and disorientation written during his visit to the United States in — Salinas sought pure poetry through clearly focused poems and a heightened sensitivity to language. Truth of Two and Other Poems , profoundly personal love experiences inspire subtle observations on the solidity of external reality and the fleeting world of subjective perception.

Aleixandre , influenced by Surrealism, dabbled in the subconscious and created his own personal myths. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in Like Lorca, Alberti initially incorporated popular forms and folk elements.

Alberti joined the Communist Party in the s, and during the Civil War and his subsequent exile in Argentina, he wrote poetry of political commitment; later he resumed personal, intimate themes. Several significant women poets belong chronologically to the Generation of , including Rosa Chacel , a major essayist, poet, and novelist.

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Frequent themes are philosophical inspiration, faith, religiosity, separation, menace echoing the Civil War , friendships, and her wanderings. Her exile poetry expresses pessimism, loss, violence, horror, anguish, uncertainty, and pain e.

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Characterizing her mature writing are religious preoccupations and mystic language. Champourcin ranks with the truly significant poets of her generation. Lesser figures include Pilar de Valderrama and Josefina de la Torre. A novelist, memorialist, biographer, anthologist, critic, archivist, and author of juvenile fiction, Conde published nearly titles, including nine novels and several plays.

She became the first woman elected to the Royal Spanish Academy and was the most honoured woman of her generation. She was born in Chile of Spanish parents and lived in Spain in the s; she later spent three decades in the United States before returning in to Spain, where she remained until her death. His dramatic poetry was modern yet traditional, personal yet universal. Yerma , and La casa de Bernarda Alba ; The House of Bernarda Alba depicted extremes of passion involving the traditional Spanish theme of honour and its violent effects on women.

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The Spanish Civil War —39 drove into political exile some promising novelists whose narrative art matured abroad. Requiem for a Spanish Peasant. These works offer devastating appraisals of the Spanish political scene from multiple perspectives and with complex narrative techniques. Considered by some to be the best prose writer of his era in the Spanish language , Ayala has published many volumes of essays on philosophy, pedagogy , sociology, and political theory.

Continuing his literary experimentation, Cela attained greater technical heights in La colmena ; The Hive , portraying divided Madrid society during the harsh winter of — By his death, in , Cela—who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in —had published by his own count more than books, including a dozen novels, numerous story collections, travel books, critical essays, poetry, and literary sketches.

The sociopolitical trauma of civil conflict with its cultural and economic uncertainty revived outmoded forms of realism. Smoke on the Ground , which depicts the miserable existence of uneducated cave dwellers, Miguel Delibes conveyed critical concern for a society whose natural values are under constant threat. A publisher, lawyer, teacher, and journalist, Delibes was the author of more than 50 volumes of novels, memoirs, essays, and travel and hunting books and received the prestigious Cervantes Prize in El hereje ; The Heretic , perhaps his masterpiece, depicts the abuse of power by the Spanish Inquisition.

In Quiroga became the second woman elected to the Royal Spanish Academy. Often deprived of access to 19th-century realist and naturalist models, some post-Civil War writers reinvented these modes. During the s, several competent, committed younger novelists strengthened intellectual dissent. The One Day of the Week , masterfully utilizing pseudoscientific impassivity and cinematographic techniques, depicts the monotonous existence of urban youth via their aimless conversations and exposes postwar apathy.

By the s, gray, pedestrian critical realism had run its course. It is isolated, almost inaccessible, and terribly provincial; critics have seen it as a microcosm of Spain. Preferring British and American paradigms that devoted more attention to style, subjectivity, and psychological narrative than did the dominant trends in Spanish literature of the period, Benet condemned costumbrismo and social realism as unimaginative. The Farewell Angel , trace the consequences of social conditions in Franco society on individuals.

Although he published his first novel in , Gonzalo Torrente Ballester came to prominence only in the s. He received the Cervantes Prize in During the s and s, new fictional paradigms emerged as exiles returned; new subgenres included detective fiction, a feminine neo-Gothic novel, science fiction , adventure novels, and the thriller.

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He received the Cervantes Prize in , as had Delibes and Cela before him. The Generation of was recognized in the s as a distinct novelistic group. Stranded , all of which explore the solitude of middle-aged women and their deceptions in love. He was elected to the Spanish Academy in Long-censored members of the Realist Group were compared to contemporaneous British playwrights and novelists called the Angry Young Men. Antonio Gala, a multitalented, original, and commercially successful playwright, debunked historical myths while commenting allegorically on contemporary Spain via expressionistic humour and comedy.

Jaime Salom, like Gala, defies ideological classification. Some relaxation of censorship in the s prompted interest in the Theatre of the Absurd , its main exponent in Spain being longtime expatriate Fernando Arrabal , a playwright, novelist, and filmmaker who has drawn some of the raw material for his works from his traumatic childhood. Using black humour and grotesque and Surrealist elements, Arrabal creates nightmarish works. The Civil War and its traumatic aftermath prompted the abandonment of pure poetry for simpler approaches.

Formal discipline , devotion to clarity through direct imagery, and a reduced vocabulary were stressed, and the social and human content increased. These altruistic writers renounced artistic experimentation and aesthetic gratification in favour of propagandistic goals, sociological themes, and authorial self-effacement. Some, such as Vicente Gaos and Gloria Fuertes, preferred existential emphases.

Their poetry, often neo-Baroque, self-consciously cosmopolitan, and intertextual, was a late 20th-century variant of culteranismo ; it emphasized museums, foreign films, international travel—anything but contemporary Spain with its problems. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women
The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women
The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women
The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women
The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women
The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women The Blood Diary - Erotic Short Story for Women

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