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Well, there are 4 seals which once put together will point you towards that secret. Professor Varshney is one of the few who knows about this secret and he has a safety net. He had sent the clues to the secret to four of his most trusted friends. When he is murdered, the safety of this secret lies in the hands of those four people, but even they are turning up dead. When bodies start dropping around him, Professor Saini is one of the main suspects, while little do authorities realise that Professor Saini is one of the targets too.

In order to save himself from the actual murderer and the police, he has no other choice than to solve the puzzle. The only people he can rely on are a doctoral student and a criminal lawyer.

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The chase and the hunt begin as Professor Saini tries to bring together all the four parts and put together the Krishna key. Does the plot sound familiar to you? Since I have also watched the movie — Tom Hanks kept popping up in my mind while reading this book. But the fact remains that I do know and so this book feels like nothing but an Indian adaption of the original.

Some of the common terms in India have been replaced by the common American terms for the same thing. I mean really? Granted that the author has tried to take a different approach, but with the similar outline and protagonist, it is difficult to be different. However, I have to acknowledge the hard work that the Author must have put into the book.


From Mahabharata to the Vedas to the different Indian civilizations, he has thoroughly reasearched everything. I had no idea about a lot of things that were mentioned in the book and I was intrigued enough to actually look them up. Also, to actually build that information up and providing them in a package of thriller must have been difficult.


Ashwin Sanghi command over the language is extremely good. So overall, I would say that this book excels in aspects of research that has gone into it and also its presentation. It would serve as a good and healthy dose of Indian history, but end of the day, it still reminds me too much of Da Vinci Code and since that was published first; the credit of originality definitely goes to Dan Brown.

Would I recommend this book to anyone? View all 10 comments. Oct 25, Confirmed Neurotic rated it did not like it. Moreover my interest was also piqued by the YouTube advertisement of the book that popped up a few times when I was trying to watch some popular videos. So I got this book from Delhi Railway station during my recent Delhi-Mumbai journey, mainly because I shuddered at the thought of a dreadful 24 hour journey in an equally horrible train, "The Krishna Key" is an utter waste of time.

So I got this book from Delhi Railway station during my recent Delhi-Mumbai journey, mainly because I shuddered at the thought of a dreadful 24 hour journey in an equally horrible train, The Golden Temple Express.

I am not sure whether the author understand the meaning of research or whether mentioning some so called research papers of dubious origin in bibliography at the end of the book would make it look like a well researched book. I am seriously skeptical about both. The author have made such comical assumptions and hypothesis that it is hard to distinguish at times whether you are reading a mystery or the manifesto of some Right-wing organization like RSS or BJP.

Seriously, believe me!! Not to deviate from the point; This books jumps and meanders aimlessly from topic to topic including, nuclear war, nuclear missiles, alchemy, atomic power-plants, numerology, mythology, vedas, Mahabharata and modern times. I assume such a random and seemingly unrelated course was taken just to fill up the stipulated numbers of pages mentioned in the publisher's agreement and writers contract. The characters are poor caricature of real life people and can be best described as cardboardish.

The Krishna Key

A college professor who knows everything, a killer who kills in broad daylight, a femme-fatale who is a Krishna devotee, a tough honest cop whose staple diet is almonds plus cigarette, a gangster from Mumbai, a corrupt cop who is a CBI director and sundry other funny and useless characters that neither contributes to the story line nor takes the narration forward.

You know what kind of thriller you are reading when the main villains are called "Mataji" "Vakeel" and "Sir Khan". Our own desi Mogambo, the sci-fi villain eternally etched in Indian psyche would have been proud of these names. The narration is so tedious that the same "facts" appear and reappears millions of times in the book. Yawn inducing and totally unnecessary. It's a shame that neither Indian film directors nor Indian writers have learned the subtle art of conveying information to their audiences. Reading "The Krishna Key" conversation part is akin to watching a B-grade Bollywood movie with banal dialogues and too much verbal diarrhea.

Now let us deconstruct the originality of the book. People might argue the similarity with Dan Brown are many, but I wont even dream to compare this pathetic book with the highly entertaining books from Mr. Forget about it, just because "The Krishna Key" is based on a "story" of historical conspiracy doesn't elevates it to the standard of "The Da-Vinci Code".

There are chapters and so the entire Mahabharata from start to finish is summarized part by part at the beginning of each chapters. It's a verbatim copy; so much so that the author have not even bothered to change a single word or picture from those Wikipedia articles.

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Comical ideas that Vishnu and Shiva are the same energies in opposite direction are mentioned. The author has fabricated names of the Lords to fit his stupid conspiracy theory. All these incoherent crap is inserted in a wafer thin storyline. I was not able to understand what the story was, neither was I able to understand why the climax was based on the popular e-mail that originated a few years ago stating "Taj-Mahal is a Hindu temple.

I am sure many of you have seen that email that states "Taj-Mahal" was actually called "Tejo-Mahalaya" meaning the abode of Lord Shiva. The author have taken that email and weaved the climax of this book around that email. Hat's off to the originality!! To end the review, I just want to say this is one of the worst book, I have read in recent time. Do not waste your time and money on this book. Grab a classic and enjoy it. View 2 comments.

Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Crime. Publication Date : - The book is packed with history, suspense, crime and emotions. Dec 13, Vani rated it liked it. Five thousand years ago, Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu left a legacy, one that will befuddle men for ages, until one man decides to unravel this secret. Not wanting to risk the discovery of all the seals at one place, Five thousand years ago, Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu left a legacy, one that will befuddle men for ages, until one man decides to unravel this secret.

The latter considers himself to be the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu and is out to get what he thinks belongs to him. With the police on his chase, how will Saini prove himself not guilty? What will happen to the other three people who also have the ancient seals from Varshney? Did Krishna truly leave behind a legacy? Can Ravi Mohan Saini unravel this secret? The book is tightly scripted with each chapter beginning with a story about Krishna, followed by its parallel drawn from modern times. The plot is wonderfully paced and the story is well researched. Having a professor of mythology as the key protagonist works well as he is the only who can make sense of those countless riddles, mythological references, anagrams, cryptic puzzles, Sanskrit shlokas and messages hidden from Mount Kailash to Taj Mahal.

Add to it a serial killer and a Mumbai don and that's all you need for a perfect thriller. Aside that, the novel has an interesting cast, their backgrounds nicely explained and motives sufficiently clear. Overall, I found it an interesting novel. Nov 04, Dimple rated it it was amazing. The notion about this book and Ashwin Sanghi that it's an Indian version of Dan Brown's work, is absolutely correct but this fact doesnt make the work of Sanghi inferior in any manner!

It is full of suspense, twists and turns with very interesting ending! It made me realize the essence of life "Simplicity"!! View all 7 comments. Jul 04, Vikas Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own , free-review-copies , indian-author , adventure , purchased , my-favs. Background: Ashwin Sanghi, as it is being referred to for some time now, is the Dan Brown of Indian adventure, and this book puts a stamp on it. Characters: Prof. Juvenile Priya is his associate. History is in their genes.

The Krishna Key The Krishna Key
The Krishna Key The Krishna Key
The Krishna Key The Krishna Key
The Krishna Key The Krishna Key
The Krishna Key The Krishna Key
The Krishna Key The Krishna Key
The Krishna Key The Krishna Key

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