The Monthly Roman Breviary: September 2013

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Psalm 95 Come, let us sing to the Lord and shout with joy to the Rock who saves us.

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Breviary Hymns: November

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By Teressa Moore Griffin. For our latest edition, we return to some familiar themes. In episode 2, we looked at automation and digitalisation. In this episode, we look at the impact of technology in the workplace. This week the lads have really found the Joker in the pack as they discuss episode 5 and have a chat and a laugh with the real superstar of the episode Augustine, which brings us to another problem in the revision of the breviary.

In the 16th century, a homily labeled as the work of a particular Saint, and discovered not to be genuinely his, was thought of only as a fraud, and as such could easily be attacked by the reformers. Ironically, the sermon of Saint Athanasius chosen for the feast day itself is also not authentic, and was removed from the next edition.

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What does constitute a notable break with tradition, however, is the new arrangement of the readings from the lives of the Saints on their feast days. The lives of the Saints, which in earlier breviaries frequently occupy all nine lessons, are now confined to the three lessons of the second nocturn. If the feast is a simplex, it may have one or two readings from the life of the Saint, but never three, since at least the first must be given over to the Biblical lessons of the day. To fit the lives of the Saints into the new arrangement required that nearly the whole corpus of them be completely reworked.

This was in point of fact done, and not only by simple abbreviation of the earlier text. The humanistic scholars of the Italian Renaissance had long discussed possible revisions of the Breviary to correct its rough, late-antique and medieval Latinity; there were even cardinals in the early 16th century who read parts of their breviary in Greek or Hebrew, so as to avoid praying in the non-Ciceronian Latin of Saint Jerome. In an anonymously written historical lesson on the Dedication of a Church, the breviary reads: Constantinus… alios ut suo hortaretur exemplo, in proprio Lateranensi palatio ecclesiam in honorem Salvatoris mundi fabricavit, et basilicam appendititiam juxta in honore beati Joannis Baptistae.

Constantine, in order to urge others on by his example, built a church in his own palace of the Lateran, in honor of the Savior of the world, and a basilica added on next to it in honor of blessed John the Baptist. This sentence is rewritten thus: Constantinus… non solum edicto, sed etiam exemplo ad sacram aedificationem est cohortatus.

Constantine, not only by edict, but also by example urged them on to sacred building; for in his palace of the Lateran, he dedicated a church to the Savior, and founded a basilica next to it in the name of Saint John the Baptist. As has already been mentioned, the feasts of Saints Anne and Joachim, along with the Presentation of the Virgin, were dropped from the Calendar of altogether, since they derive from an apocryphal Gospel.

Barbara, one of the fourteen Holy Helpers, was widely venerated in the Middle Ages as the patron Saint against sudden death.

Learning to Use the Breviary

Such revisions are not entirely confined to the readings of Matins. A medieval legend of uncertain date attributes the foundation of the church of Saint Mary Major in Rome to a miraculous snowfall on the fifth of August, which indicated to a rich patrician named John where the Virgin wished a church to be built in Her honor on the Esquiline hill. The prayer of the pre-Tridentine Breviary and Missal which referred explicitly to the snowfall is dropped, in favor of a generic prayer from the Little Office of Our Lady, although the legend of the snow remains at Matins in a much rewritten form.

This antiphon is a grammatical fragment, consisting of 3 nouns in the objective case and their modifiers, with no verb and no subject. In the breviary of , the Angel, the plaque and the antiphon are all removed.

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The problem of historically false statements in the lessons of the Breviary was not tackled in full by the Tridentine reform, nor by the successive revisions of it. Until , the Roman Breviary continued to repeat the late and manifestly false identification of the first bishop of Paris with Denis the Areopagite, who was converted by Saint Paul in Acts 17, and to acknowledge him as the author of the 5th century corpus of writings which passed as authentically his throughout the Middle Ages.

The discourse of the Holy Father linked above deals specifically with the problem of Saint Denis. Certain legends have become the inheritance of Christian tradition, not by virtue of their historical certitude, but because of their expression of lively and fervent piety in regard to the saints: they have influenced the way of thinking, feeling and praying, on the part of our forefathers, and they come to us charged with a spiritual life which is indeed sometimes characterized by simplicity, but often full of power, and almost always able to touch the heart.

These legends, therefore, belong to the history of the Church just in the same way as legendary lays and ballads belong to the history of nations. It would be something like vandalism to banish them altogether from the book of public prayer, even as it would be vandalism to break the painted windows of cathedrals or tear the canvases of early masters, on the ground that the representations in those windows or pictures are not accurate historical documents like a charter or a monumental inscription. Posted Thursday, September 17, Labels: Compendium of the Reforms of the Roman Breviary Writers William Mahrt.

Email , Twitter. Alcuin Reid Ordo Romanus Primus ed.

The Monthly Roman Breviary: September 2013
The Monthly Roman Breviary: September 2013
The Monthly Roman Breviary: September 2013
The Monthly Roman Breviary: September 2013
The Monthly Roman Breviary: September 2013

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