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About Billboard Child involved in near drowning incident at local country club

Questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC's online public file system should be directed to the FCC at , TTY , or fccinfo fcc. Public File Liaison: Lisa Perry - Home Local Article. Rescue teams find elderly drowning victim at Lake Jackson.

Officials: Toddler drowns at Presley’s Outing in Jackson County

Posted: Wed PM, Feb 20, Deputies say the vehicle was empty but the keys were still inside. At p. There appeared to be no sign of a struggle on the bank of a creek where the boy found him. Cornelius O'Connell gave evidence that deceased stayed at his house on the Monday or Tuesday previous. He was the worse for liquor that night. He was in the habit of carrying away drink in a bottle, and witness saw him have some in a bottle on Monday or Tuesday. Farmer said deceased was a man of very intemperate habits, subjected to fits, exceedingly eccentric in his habits when drinking.

There were no marks of violence on the body nor any signs of a struggle on the bank of the creek. He was of opinion that the cause of death was that in stooping to take a drink of water he was overtaken by a fit and fell face downwards into the water, and was drowned. The jury returned a verdict of "Found dead; no evidence to show how he got there. They left town about 8 o'clock in the morning, and everything went well, the young people being in the best of spirits and anticipating a most enjoyable day's outing.

When the river was reached, it was found that the heavy rain of the previous day or two had swollen the waters, which were nearly bank and bank. It was not for a moment imagined, however, that there would be any danger in crossing it, and the fatal attempt was made. The greater part of the crossing, or ford, had been safely negotiated, when the lamentable accident occurred.

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Within two or three yards of the landing side, the two horses and trap got into deep water, the animals almost losing their footing, and the trap being nearly afloat. The driver tried to turn his team and get back to the side from which he had started, and while this was being done the powerful current swept the horses completely off their feet, overturning the express and precipitating the occupants into the river.

Mr Connor struggled for the bank and clutched at a willow branch, which broke. The water swept him on until he reached another willow, but by that time his sister Elizabeth had relaxed her grip, and had disappeared. Her body was subsequently found about a hundred yards down stream by Mr W. Prentice, who was staying in the locality on a holiday, and hurried to the scene as soon as he knew of the accident. Mr Goldsmith managed to get safely to the bank with Miss E. Christy, but the two other girls were carried away and drowned.

Their bodies had not been recovered up till last evening, although a party of over forty, with Constable Riordan, had been continuously engaged in searching the banks and the beach, and dragging the river. An overcoat McEnery's was found during the afternoon. The search will be resumed this morning, although it is feared that both bodies have been, carried out to sea. Shortly after the accident, which occurred about Prince using ropes they had with them for children's swings to aid those struggling in the water.

The driver of the express McEnery had some difficulty in getting clear of his horses, one of which was drowned.

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When he succeeded he loosened the reins with the object of using them for the same purpose as the ropes. The second horse and the express were recovered practically undamaged. Coker, of the steamer Tangaroa. Christy, who is a teacher at the Hastings Street school. Miss Flannigan is a visitor from South, Mrs J. Donovan, of Hastings, being her sister. The greatest sympathy is felt for the bereaved families, the news of the sad calamity being received throughout the district with feelings of profound sorrow.

An inquest' was held on Thursday at Lower Hutt before Mr. Hunt, S. Elliott and P. Arthurs gave evidence regarding the accident, and also the finding of the body. Elliott stated that he saw deceased being swept down the river, and went down the bank to try to intercept him but deceased disappeared before witness could render any assistance. A verdict of accidental drowning was returned. July 9.

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It appears that deceased, his brother, and a mate went to look for some cows, and stopped to play on the banks of the river. Deceased got on to some driftwood and a big tree overhanging the river proving a temptation, he jumped and obtained a hold, and the log floated away, depriving him of his foothold. He hung on till he became exhausted, and then dropped into the river. He floated for some time, and his younger brother shouted to him to swim ashore, but he was evidently unable to do so, and shortly after he sank.

He appeared almost immediately, but again disappeared, and was not seen again. Dragging operations were commenced on Saturday afternoon and continued on Sunday, when the body was discovered in about 10ft of water about two and a-half chains from where the accident occurred. An inquest was opened yesterday. Twomey, Lake Rotoma. He disappeared at noon yesterday.

Officials: Toddler drowns at Presley’s Outing in Jackson County

His mother thought he was with a neighbour. Two hours after his cap was found floating down the creek, but search for the body has been unavailing. While the Northern Company's small steamer Omana was on her way from Waiheke to Auckland last evening one of the passengers, Mr. He was last seen when the steamer was approaching Brown's Island.

Boxall joined the Omana, with his wife, at Orapiu. For some time he sat with Mrs. Boxall in the cabin, but about 6 o'clock left the cabin to go on deck. He was not seen again. After the Omana had berthed at the Northern, wharf a thorough search was made of the vessel, but without result. Boxall, who was 61 years of age, was well known at Thames, where he was connected with gold mining for many years.

He suffered from miners' complaint, and was coming to Auckland from Waihoke to see a doctor. The body was recovered about half a mile further down the river. Drs Fitzgerald and Thomson attempted to restore animation, but their efforts were of no avail. The deceased was about 28 years of age and unmarried. A course rarely taken, that of holding an inquest into the death of a person whose body has not been recovered, was decided upon by the Solicitor-General in the case of Edward Henry HAWKINS, aged 20, of Birkenhead, who is reported to have been last seen about noon on May 29 last clinging to a small boat in the Auckland Harbour, while a companion named John Blackburn Anderson swam ashore to get assistance after the craft had overturned.

The inquest was opened in the Magistrate's Court this morning, the coroner, Mr. Auckland, This day. Helier's Bay this morning. A sad accident occurred yesterday. The boys who could only swim a stroke or two, got beyond their depth, and were drowned. No assistance was nigh. There have been several previous drowning cases in the same lagoon. By a charge of dynamite the body was brought to the surface, but it disappeared before it could be secured.

Robert Tapper, farmer, of Tapui, Waikaremoana, met his death by drowning in the lake last evening under most distressing circumstances. The deceased had proceeded on a deer-stalking trip to Waikaremoana, his companions being Messrs.

Diver Finds GoPro With Drowning Victim’s Last Moments

The party used Mr. Tapper's launch in crossing the lake. After a good day's sport they commenced the return to their camping place at 8 p.

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  4. Tapper left his friends in the well of the launch and climbed forward to the foredeck to replenish the benzine in the tank. It was while draining a petrol container into the tank that the deceased lost his balance and fell overboard.

    Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
    Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
    Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
    Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
    Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
    Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned

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